How much does your portal cost? How much is it worth? Are you sure you know the right answer? In the world of scarce resources companies are forced to choose between a slew of possibly beneficial technology investments. In doing that, they need to know the full cost and benefit of each investment today and tomorrow. Our Sustainable ROI Methodology allows you to do just that to make decisions that will not jeopardize future investments by draining on your infrastructure, while providing a sustainable basis for future developments. To read more on our approach, clink on the link below:

Sustainable Approach to ROI for IT (PDF)

How much will that diversity training cost you? How much is it worth? What good is it, anyway? Any decision on upgrading your training capability, be it a full-fledged LMS or a course-scheduling application, needs to start with finding answers to these very questions. Our Sustainable ROI methodology allows you to fully account for current and future costs and benefits of any technology related decision, as well as to build a sustainable platform that would allow for future developments without unnecessarily draining on infrastructure. To read more about our unique approach to economics of learning, click on the link below:

Economics of Learning (PDF)

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