DavidDell LLC is a network of unique people with some incredible knowledge and independent thinking skills who are available to help you.

Consulting - If you already know the right answer or can get it easily off the shelf you don't need us. Sometimes, though, the problem and opportunity mix is so complex you can't easily get your hands around it. Or you may need just a sounding board without a hidden agenda. Whether it is a technology strategy, a business initiative or an effort to secure alignment around priorities, you can call on us for an intensive assessment or brainstorming for a day. We have the knowledge and ability to help you think it through and be sure of your path.

Analysis - In many cases, once you've defined the path, you continue to face a large number of choices and need to drill down into what will work best in your organization. We know how to find the solutions that work, can help you separate truly innovative approaches from hype, and show you roadblocks and shortcuts to attaining your goals. You can use our unique qualitative survey tools and interview approaches, as well as technology assessment and financial models. You can also rely on us to quickly tailor or invent an approach to fit your unique needs.

Research - We are a professional business and management research firm and we can provide you with an insight into a large variety of topics in technology, communications, capability building or outsourcing, to name just a few. We are partnering with a number of organizations, e.g. The Conference Board, and you can rely on us to do surveys, form benchmarking groups [link to Business Seminars], conduct RFIs and RFPs, and reach out for the facts and information you need.

Executive Briefing - We know that without the extra effort to communicate and to secure commitment and a common understanding, many great strategies and initiatives fail. Before you start to explore or at the end of your journey, you can count on us to provide an objective expertise to present the business case and help a discussion that will lead to alignment.

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