Lessons learned in our Conference Board Research studies on merger integration and achieving strategic alignment prove again the critical importance of carefully planned & swiftly executed employee communications. Here is a recent PowerPoint presentation highlighting what we have learned about employee communications during mergers.
Communication in a Merger

Now employee communications excellence is being revolutionized by technology. We have moved from the days of carefully polished elegant newsletters and volumes of corporate memos to:

  • Instant broadcasts to meet the demands of key employees who expect real time updates on hand held devices.
  • Redeploying all the employee branding and corporate strategy messages on corporate wide portals.
  • Assuring that messages for both wireless and high bandwidth networks look good.
  • Replacing plant site town meetings with global webcasts and cell phone conferences.
  • Interactive communications through Bulletin boards, chat rooms and electronic surveys.

Please review the invitation to join a new research study on the impact of technology on internal corporate communications.
New Study on Communications (PDF)

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