David Dell, Ph.D., Founder and President
David Dell has established a reputation as one of the most insightful and practical thought leaders in the realms of HR, IT, and Organizational Transformation. As research director for The Conference Board and other leading organizations, he has led nearly 200 published research studies and developed best practices in:

  • Organizational alignment and transformation
  • Enterprise Technology Strategy
  • Business Process Outsourcing,
  • Assessing ROI for IT & Human Capital.

In his consulting practice he advises leading corporations on issues in HR technology strategy and Outsourcing. He has been acting Chief technology Officer as well as Chief Talent Officer. He has served in turnarounds as officer and director of 2 NASD National listed companies and been an investment banker for IPO's, acquisitions and joint ventures of emerging technology companies. As a consultant and executive he has been responsible for organizational transformation projects and been responsible for advising, negotiating and managing both sides of complex outsourcing projects including IT, manufacturing, and supply chain. He is a seasoned facilitator, presenter, and consultant to senior executives.

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